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Warm greetings from VIA MARIS TOURS & TRAVEL, a member of Turkish Tourism family.We are a company formed by gifted and energetic young tourism executives with vast international experience and managed by a professional team that has been in the travel trade business for many years.Our company specializes in faith and cultural tourism in Turkey but we also tailor and operate incentive programs, nature and wildlife tours, special interest ventures, leisure packages and cruise extensions. VIA MARIS is geared to combine its tours with extensions to neighboring countries and the Holy Land.

seven churches

Seven Churches

Our tour will begin with the Basilica of St John “the Evangelist” who came here with the Virgin Mary and wrote his Gospel in Ephesus then drive to Selcuk town, to visit the famous ancient city of Ephesus, one of the world’s finest archaeological sites.

St Paul's Journey In Turkey

St Paul’s Journey In Turkey

Upon arrival at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, we connect directly to a domestic flight to Adana, ancient Cilicia. Than, we journey east to Antakya, ancient Antioch. Antioch is thought to have been founded in 300 BC. St Peter was the first to preach here,



Join us and follow the traces of the ancient Sumerian, Babylon and Commagene Civilisations with the comprehensive and elucidating lectures by Shafak Gokturk. One of the Unesco World Heritage Sites, is there, welcoming us to Kahta, Adiyaman.

Foodsteps of Inanna and Isıs with Shafak Gokturk’s Lecture

Pamukkale – Efes

Foodsteps Of Inanna And Isıs With Shafak Gokturk’s Lecture. Inanna / Aphrodite’s most important cult center in Turkey Afrodisias Ancient City

we're going to Mardin with Shafak Gokturk, Sumerian city in Anatolia

Mardin – Midyat – Hasankeyf

We’re Going To Mardin With Shafak Gokturk, Sumerian City İn Anatolia. We Will Follow Traces Of Sumerian, Akkad, Elam And Babylon İn This Trip

Anunnaki Theory Authenticated With A New Twist: Historical Evidence Of Anunnaki Presence Paperback. Arrival at 14.15: Meet & assist at the airport,

Lebanon – Jordan

Anunnaki Theory Authenticated With A New Twist: Historical Evidence Of Anunnaki Presence Paperback. Arrival at 14.15: Meet & assist at the airport,




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Biblical Tour Of Greece

(Dinner) Meet on the Greece side of the border and walk to the coach. With an official English speaking guide depart and drive via the first Greek town, Alexandroupolis. Continue along the coast to Kavala, Biblical Neapolis. Drive to and visit Philippi. See the remains of the Agora, the Octagon, the remains of the 2 Basilicas and St. Paul’s prison. Completing the tour, drive to Kavala. Dinner and overnight in Kavala hotel.

Turkish Delight

Arrival at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in the morning, Meet and drive to the Old City of Istanbul and begin our visit starting with Blue Mosque, with its graceful cascade of domes, its six slender minarets and its magnificent interior of beautiful blue Iznik tiles. St.Sophia Museum which is one of the great architectural marvels of the ancient world. Than we will began our scenic drive down to Gallipoli, historically famous for being the site of many battles during WW1. Following a lunch break, we will cross the second strategic waterway, the Dardanelles and land Asia. We will check-in our hotel in Canakkale for dinner and overnight.