Queen Of The East Antioch Tours


With the difference of Viamaris, we go to Antioch, known in sources as the Queen of the East. After meeting at Adana airport, we visit the ancient city of Issos, where there was a war between Alexander and Darius. After reaching the Belen pass through Iskenderun, we arrive in Antakya with the insatiable views of the cold groove, the Amik plain and the Amanos Mountains.

Queen Of The East Antıoch
Queen Of The East Antıoch


(Church Of Saint Pierre,Museum of Antakya ,Alalakh, Fountain Of Harbiye)We are going to the Hatay Archaeological Museum, which is our first excursion point in Antakya, which is famous for its bells, Azan, Hazzan sounds, Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures, living areas of different beliefs, and recently serials.

After our visit to the museum, where there are small examples of Üçağız cave, Tell Kurdu, Tel Tayinat and Tel Aççana mounds, we go for a walk in the narrow streets of Antakya with our guide.

Known as the first mosque of Anatolia, Habib-I neccar mosque, which is almost back to back to each other, the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Protestant church, synagogue (panoramic) trips after mythological Daphne the story of Apollo of Antioch which is another face in the period which is the subject of the present day, used as a ?picnic? area, we are moving to ?Harbiye?


(SAMANDAGI,TITUS,Village Of Moses, Khidr Mausoleum)

On the second day of our trip, that opens to the Mediterranean Sea port of Antioch in the Hellenistic period-remains of the ancient city of Seleucia Pieria City, a man-made is a marvel of engineering 1330 meter long Titus-Vespasianus Tunnel, Besikli Cave, Moses, Khidr with the Prophet ‘s meeting point to return to after visiting the Tomb of Khidr then we leave.

Queen Of The East Antıoch

1 night/ 2 Days

Domestic Tour

Destination: Antakya

Departure: Istanbul/Hatay


Flight Schedule 

5 OCTOBER 2019 Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen AIRPORT SAW-ADA 08:30/09:55 TK 7260

6 OCTOBER 2019 Adana AIRPORT ADA-IST 23.55/01.40 TK 2471 (New Airport Of Istanbul)


Tour Name: Queen Of The East: Antioch


  • 1 Night stay at Anemon 4 *
  • 1 Breakfast+1 dinner at the hotel
  • Museum Card Not Included in the ruins entries
  • guidance services
  • Compulsory travel insurance


  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Please keep a museum card with you.

Important Information

We recommend that you have a Müzekart for museum and ruins entries under the Ministry of Tourism and culture. If you do not have a museum card, you can obtain it at the museum and Ruins Entrance sites.

Tour Name: Queen Of The East Antıoch

Fee: 200 USD per person in Double Room Single room: 240 USD


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