Anunnaki Theory Authenticated with a New Twist: Historical Evidence of Anunnaki Presence Paperback – June 8, 2018

27- 28 April 2019 – 1 Night/2 Days

Join us and follow the traces of the ancient Sumerian, Babylon and Commagene Civilisations with the comprehensive and elucidating lectures by Shafak Gokturk.

Shafak Gokturk

Turkey on the ancient deities known as the Anunnakis. He regularly gives speeches on the subject and has conducted many expeditions to Israel, Egypt, the site of ancient Troy, and Gobekli Tepe in Turkey to teach and further study the the history of the Anunnakis.


He is currently working on two books, Prophet Abraham and Goddess Inanna, to be published in 2019. His expeditions, among others, have taken him to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the ancient city of Jericho; the Dead Sea; Haifa; Troia; Ida Mount; the Pyramids of Egypt; the Valley of the Kings; the temples of Hathor Dandera, Abydos, Karnak Ra, Edfu Horus, Kom Ombo, Isis and Sin; Nemrud Mount; Abraham Temple; Jakob’s Well; Hattusa; Alacahoyuk; Yazilikaya Sanctuary, Rumi Temple and Cappadocia.

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Anunnaki Theory Authenticated with a New Twist: Historical Evidence of Anunnaki Presence Paperback – June 8, 2018

Explore the  History Rewriter  “Göbeklitepe”, the “beginning of the written history”, feel the ancient days and admire the beauty of the stonework. Known to be the oldest ever temple of the world, nowadays Göbeklitepe attracts a hundreds of visitors from all around the world daily. Standing on the crossroads of the antiquity, Göbeklitepe will prove to you that it can not be just a coincidence to sit on these fertile lands.

One of the Unesco World Heritage Sites, is there, welcoming us to Kahta, Adiyaman. Ascend up to “Mount Nemrud”, a heritage of Commagene Civilisation known as the “Constellation of Genes”. Sitting on top of 2134 mt high Mount Nemrud, the statues of Antiochus, Zeus Oromasdes, Hercules, Verethragna, Artagnes, Ares, Apollo, Mithras, Helios, Hermes challenged the time for the last 2000 years. Probably a clue, stone slab horoscope proposing 109 BC stands next to the Statues.

gobeklitepe turkey
gobeklitepe turkey

One of the oldest cities of the world, Şanlıurfa has another reason of visiting for each visitor. The Temple of SIN, home to AnnunakiSin mentioned often in Asyrian and Babylon records, the village of Sogmatar where traces of Samas, son of Sin can be followed, the ancient city of Harran, visited by Marduk, Abraham, Jacop and and was once the home to one of the oldest universities of the world, well of Jacop, Museum of Şanlıurfa and Balıklıgöl (Pond of Ayn Zeliha) are among the many to be visited. Well, the climate and fertile land are the reasons why this many civilisations settled down here.

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  • Accomodation in Hilton Garden inn Hotel in Sanlıurfa
  • Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel
  • All etrance fees of the Museums
  • Guiding and transportation
  • Travel İnsuarance

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  • Transportation to Şanlıurfa
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunch
  • All soft and alcholic drinks

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Departure : Turkish Airlines TK2246 27/04/2019 Saturday  05:25 Arrival:07:10


Return : Turkish Airlines  TK2249 28/04/2019 Sunday  : 22:20 Arrival : 00:25



  • 200 USD per pax for twn/dbl
  • Single supliment 50 USD

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