Incentive, Meeting & Special Events

Around the world many large companies wants to create a dynamic event program for their successful employees and business partners.Via Maris Travel combines your events and organizations with high quality hotels, historical places in Turkey and special concepts depends on your brand, aim and promises to create an unforgettable programs.Turkey is a magnificent place for meetings and congresses where Europe and Asia meets.The major Regions Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir and Cappadocia are all submitting richness of first class hotels,resorts and can ference facilities, easy transportation to main cities of the world beautiful decorations and unique panaroma attraction. A perfect climate and lesser-cast advantages compared to alternative destinations are added to all of these.


Turkey has all kinds of equipment for orginizing all kinds and size of meetings, incentives and conference with appropriate comfort and style today. Traditional Turkish hospitality,high quality national food and drinks, endless amusement and voyage possibilities are the guaranties of success of all congresses to be organized in Turkey.

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Special Events

At the present day, significant portion of the organization begins to perform as visual messages and themed with different concepts. (Dealer Meetings, Gala Evenings, Award Ceremonies, Anniversary Celebrations, product and service launches, incentive trips and private themed parties) Via Maris Travel, with the award-winning designers “Via Maris Creative Workshop” design projects according to targets and needs. Via Maris team transform the private organizations into a visual feast with theme content messages and designs.

Via Maris Creative Workshop team, operational team and technical team create miracles from A to Z for your organizations by working with full compliance.Whether in a hotel, conference hall, a special meeting in the museum or even a mansion Via Maris performs your organization in a charming atmosphere.

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Meeting Service
Via Maris produces Professional solutions for your meeting organizations also creates splendid meeting organization for important companies, and is always one of the most preferredbrand by its technological infrastructure and professional staff.Via Maris offers you a perfect venue with technical service,large portfolio of hotels, operational service and the historical beauty of Turkey in brief Via Maris has all you need for your mettings and organizations mainly in İstanbul throughout Turkey.

Conventions and Conferences
Istanbul is the only city in the world which stands on two continents and full of oppurtinities to motivate your employees and business partners during conventions and meetings.With its 4 and 5 star hotels, high technological equipments,high qualified congress halls, easy accessing, special tours for leisure time, has many advantages to host a high participation congress.


Team Building Acti vities
Every person is different and each team consists of people.Team building should be prepared for each request. Therefore can be addressed to all participants.Every chance designed to an each team is able to reach objectives of the project.Via Maris Travel designs motivation-enchacing team activities and messages for you and organize it in a solid way.


Vip Service
For the Board of Governors meeting or a preparation of a special program for your important guests, according to your requests for all alternatives, Via Maris Travel Vip puts them together prepare an excellent result on behalf of the entire organization will follow from start to finish.

• Special dines and invitations
• VIP transportation services
• VIP Travel and accomodation
• VIP technical equipments
• VIP Security supply

Via Maris Creative Workshop
Not only a transfer, or a similar services in your meetings or events we offer you from creative designs, decorations,gift election, printed materials, to the place and technical management with our professional team and equipments

Creative Management
The messages you would like to convey in meetings and events, the products or a theme you would like to present,we think, create and design for you. Our creative team is professional in their field and serve you the best.According to your organizastion, all branding, invitations for participants, or e-invitations, ballroom and stage decoration,free time for creative ideas, artists and server selection, interactive stage applications, visual, auditory, and all the technical equipments can be arranged.All of these designs, we prepare unforgettable moments for you with the combination of the fascinating places in Turkey.


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Technical Management

Via Maris Travel has a major part of the technical equipment with the understanding of the direct service in your organizations. In your projects our technical team and creative design team prefers the advantages of the latest technology in accordance with the decoration of the place, and turns it to a feast of vision and auditory.

Digital Media & Print Design

Besides the organization, our creative team serves banner design, CD Presentation and Print Design, newspaper advertisements, corporate identity design, branding,promotions, product design under the topic of Digital Media.


For the companies which we serve to their meetting organizastions, we create a brand name “Boutique” because of increased demand in this consept.We prepare a huge number of service alternatives with a low cost.
• Textile products for promotions
• Special packaged chocolates, dragees, etc.. promotional products as a gift
• Flags, Banners, Pennants etc.
• Organizer, Desk calendar, Poster, Mouse Pad etc.